Our vision is to transform a small, suburban, riverside farm from intensive agriculture to outstanding natural habitat delivering a broad range of social and environmental public goods. Our focus centres on biodiversity and regenerative land-management practices to deliver benefits such as

  • Flood mitigation
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Biodiversity
  • Improved river water quality
  • Leisure and quality of life
  • Sustainable agriculture and food production

Friends of Bartonsham Meadows formed in early 2020 in response to recent local land management practices, regional flooding, and the global climate crisis. The working group comprises ecologists, archaeologists, activists, historians and conservationists. The grass-roots group works with city residents, landowners and managers, wildlife and ecological experts, the Church and other stakeholders to create and conserve a thriving local environment on the meadows.


The working group of Friends of Bartonsham Meadows is a team drawn from local residents, representatives, experts and activists in ecology, archeology, history and local governance.

Charlie Arthur

Charlie Arthur is a local resident and works as a consultant archaeologist. He began his career excavating the medieval sites of Hereford and went on to work in Ireland and southern Africa.  He is often to be found walking or running in the meadows and is committed to making this an ecological and social resource that future generations will be proud of.

Chloe Bradman

Communications Coordinator, Friends of Bartonsham Meadows

Chloe is a local resident who has recently made her way home to Hereford after graduating from her degree in English Language and Linguistics in Sheffield this year. In light of the pandemic she has set up her own remote freelance business to help small businesses and organisations with their communications and administrative load. Contact chloe_bradman@hotmail.co.uk for any enquiries.

Mo Burns

Mo is Tree Warden for Central ward, committee member of the Hereford Branch of the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and grandma of 10. Mo wants Hereford to be a model healthy city for all generations, now and to come.

Anna Gundrey

Anna is a local resident and consultant ecologist.

Dick Jones (Treasurer)

Dick had a career in chemistry, accountancy and consultancy across many sectors including charities. He has always had a love of nature and volunteers for Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.

Bill Laws


Bill Laws is the author of National Geographics’ Field Guide to Fields and Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History. He’s a founder member of Bartonsham History Group.

Jeremy Milln, Councillor

Elected to the Council in May 2019, Jeremy considers it a privilege to represent the Central ward, which includes almost the entire area of the City as Taylor knew it in 1757 plus the Victorian and later suburbs of St James and Portfields. Jeremy has a background in archaeology and curatorship, much of it for the National Trust, and particular interest in conservation and interpretation of the historic environment. Particular interests include the sensitive and socially beneficial adaptation of underused historic buildings, in green infrastructure in urban environments and in improving health outcomes through better housing.

Contact jeremy.milln@herefordshire.gov.uk for Council matters or jeremy.milln@gmail.com for everything else.

Will Steel

Will is a local resident and dog walker and is out on the meadows most days. He has a professional background in rights of way and is a former director of the Institute of Public Rights of Way & Access Management. He is keen to see the meadows managed in an environmentally sensitive way whilst maximising opportunities for the public to enjoy them.

Rhys Ward

Rhys is in his final year studying Conservation Science at the University of the West of England (UWE). A local resident committed to supporting and learning more about sustainable agriculture and habitat restoration for the benefit of biodiversity and the community, kicking off his career in conservation.

Ruth Westoby

Convenor, Friends of Bartonsham Meadows

Ruth is a local resident compelled to act by her child questioning why the fields were the ‘wrong’ colour. She is a doctoral researcher at SOAS, University of London.


The Friends of Bartonsham Meadows are proud to work with partner organisations to share expertise and broaden support for our objectives. We value diverse perspectives and actively seek to engage with communities of interest across Herefordshire, the region, and more broadly. Please get in touch to be involved in this process.


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