Monday 18th September @ The Barrels

Open Meeting
Monday 18th September @ The Barrels

Join us for our Annual General Meeting to hear about developing plans for Bartonsham Meadows and their restoration, now under management with Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.

After the historic lease signing earlier in the year and the subsequent nature reserve status, the path is being forged to restore the land to floodplain meadows.

The meeting will be held in the function room at the back of The Barrels, 69 St Owen’s Street – we’d love to see as many of you there to keep updated with developments and be part of the ongoing discussions for the restoration of the nature on our doorstep.

Saturday November 25th – Tuesday December 4th

Autumn Tree & Hedge Planting
Saturday November 25th – Tuesday December 4th

We secured £5000 from the fund ‘Greening the City’ to plant hedges.

We’ll also do some Winter twig ID and plant out some standards.

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