In the pursuit of these objectives the Friends of Bartonsham Meadows will carry out the following activities:

  • form a hub for city residents, landowners, land-managers, wildlife experts, the Church and other stakeholders;
  • negotiate and support discussions between land-users (tenant farmer, land agent, Church Commissioners);
  • build support from key local, regional and national stakeholders including environmental agencies, local businesses and government;
  • seek membership in support of the group’s objectives;
  • raise awareness of the cultural and historical importance of the site;
  • highlight the potential of the site to mitigate climate change, natural flood defences and promote wildlife and nutrient management;
  • generate income through membership fees and other mechanisms to support the running of the group, potentially including land-management;
  • conduct local consultations, for example around establishing a community orchard and / or garden kitchen and re-establishing the bathing station;
  • and finally, carry out practical tasks such as litter-picking and helping maintain the footpaths in collaboration with those responsible for land-management.